Got my first submission rejected. Feedback Please (:

Hi there! I’m new to this community…

I’ve just tried to upload my first item to audiojungle and got rejected. That’s why I would love some feedback on this one (It’s not the same one I tried to upload) Just in order to know If you think it could be accepted, and if not, then why? Thanks so much in advance!


I wasn’t able to listen, the link doesn’t seem to work.

  • Nathan

Unable to listen, please check the link again…!

Just changed the track link from private to public! It should be able to be played by anyone! Thanks in advance for the good vibes.

Hello! I was waiting for an inspirational development (emotional explosion) throughout the track. I did not wait. Maybe of course this is just my perception of this.

This mix is very draft, like its not mixed and mastered. You need to present finalized tracks that are nice and in your face. Bring that instruments together as one pro song. Maybe ask experienced friends to help. Or if you want me to help you, send me stems and I will mix it for you.

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