Got my first 100+ sales!!

It has been just over a year and I’m well over the 100 sales mark. I know a lot of you have been more successful but this is a big milestone for me as a fairly new sound designer and long time songwriter(new to selling my songs)
I have noticed the harder I work the more it pays off, pun intended. Congrats to everyone and their success as well. This is a great community to be in. It’s inspiring and it makes me try harder.
Thank you Envato and thank you artists!! :slight_smile:


Congratulations! @Kevin_Durr Wish you all the best in your next achievements & milestones! :wink:

Congrats Kevin!! Keep it going and keep enjoying! :smiley:

it’s a good start brother.

Congratulations Kevin :tada: Good luck for more sales :wink:

Hi @Kevin_Durr! Congratulations with your milestone! Keep it up! :tada::+1:

Congratulation @Kevin_Durr :tada: Good luck for tons of more sales :slight_smile:

Thanks for the well wishes everyone. You all are great!!

Congratulations. It always depends on us, all in our hands.) The main belief in yourself and everything will be fine) I wish you all a lot of sales!!:sunglasses:

The support is amazing here. Again, thank you for the encouragement new

Congratulations! @Kevin_Durr Good luck for more sales!

Congrats with this milestone! :wink:
I hope I’ll have the same reason to celebrate soon :smiley:

Congratulations! @Kevin_Durr I know this feeling !!!

Congratulations @Kevin_Durr. A great milestone. :blush:

:sparkles:Many congratulations!:sparkles::slight_smile:

Congrats for the Achievement…

Congrats @Kevin_Durr for the milestone reached! Have a great 2017 :tada:

Great! Happy for you! :slight_smile:

Congratulations :wink:

@Kevin_Durr congrats! wish you the best for the future :smiley: