Got my Elite care pack. Now watch me eat Vegemite for the first time

I got my Elite care pack in the mail last week. Got a lot of cool stuff, in particular this Australian spread called Vegemite. For those unaware, it has a reputation for having an intense flavor to say the least. As requested by @matthewcoxy, I made a reaction video of my trying Vegemite. Check it out below!

Also, here’s a pic of all the goodies I got. Thanks a bunch, Envato!


Yeaaah :slight_smile: haha

Two will last years :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha I might have to gift one of these to a friend for Christmas.

There is a lot of debate about the optimum butter-to-vegemite ratio.

I’m firmly in the butter>vegemite camp.


intense. so what’s your preferred ratio?

Congratulations on the milestone @SunChannelMusic! And thanks for the informative video :slight_smile:

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Butter, and lots of it. The toast has also gotta be piping hot as it’s better with melted butter.

Just a gentleman’s scraping of vegemite.

It’s also a dynamite hangover cure (because of the salt content).


Just one more sale and will be queued on the waiting list of 1st Elite Care Pack. I am so eager to make a similar video lol

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haha well sounds like I more or less did it all wrong. I’ll also be sure to be hungover the next time I have vegemite.

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I also received mine yesterday but not yet tasted the vegemite maybe after Christmas. :slight_smile: Why you got 2 vegemite? I got only one.

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Congrats man! Awesome video and thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for my care pack to arrive! :slight_smile:

“Enough for a year”… lightweight :wink:

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For me the definitive ratio is always 80% butter, 20% Vegemite.

I’ve only ever tried it neat on toast a few times (when we had run out of butter) and… well… it was not nice. :smile:

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I’m with Coxy, you need to have plenty of hot melted butter, and then you spread the Vegemite so that it kind of blends with the butter… that kind of takes the edge off the intense flavour somewhat and gives you a smooth, creamy and satisfying salty hit. Like if Vegemite was chilli, the hot butter would be like the guacamole and sour cream… reduces the heat slightly, but combines for a flavourful taste extravaganza.

Marmite is the UK equivalent. Very similar in taste, but Vegemite has more of a kind of floral taste to it… like they use more herbs or something in the production. I prefer Marmite, but Vegemite is still a quality food stuff.

I was in Melbourne for four days and I got through a quarter of a tub… so two tubs would last me about a month. Although, I was trying to use it up as I’d have to leave what I didn’t have… so I’d say one tub per month would be about right.

Bovril is where it’s at though… meat extract, rather than yeast. You can also add boiling water to it for a hot, refreshing, meaty beverage. Exquisite.


Hope to taste it some day too )))

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You forgot about Promite!

While I do love Vegemite, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to crash the Vegemite party here and say that Promite is actually the best yeast extract spread.


Here’s why…

It’s like Vegemite, but with a greater depth of flavour… sweeter, too. It’s a marvellous creation, blending the saltiness of Vegemite with the lighter, less viscous texture of Marmite. As this divine spread enters your mouth, your tastebuds will be greeted with the familiar taste of yeast extract spread, but with a thrilling twist of sweetness - a true delight to the tastebuds…

Buy Promite today, available at your local supermarket now!


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I actually initially thought I only got one, but I found one inside my traveler mug. Maybe check there if you haven’t?

Whoah, that’s crazy. Meat extract. Is it like drinking beef broth? I don’t think there’s any US equivalent to Vegemite, Marmite, or Bovril. I gotta hunt all this stuff down and try it out.

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Aurus, I think your account got hacked by a Promite brand ambassador :sweat_smile:

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I only got one and I found it in my envato mug. :slight_smile:

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Personally, I couldn’t eat it :slight_smile:

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