Got my Elite care Kit, Arrived in No time



Received my Elite Kit today from Envato, It was joyous moment of achieving Level 8 for sure, But what is the more special in it, Yes i received the kit in no time from Envato, Melbourne.I would like to thank Cox-------Matthew Cox for the co ordination and the Help.Believe me i reached Level 8 on 25th of August 2015 and i given details on 27th August, I received the Elite Kit on 5th Sep 2015, It was a awesome feeling of getting rewarded, Thanks Envato and Cox you have done it again, Never the less I am from India and Kit reached me in 7 days from Australia.That is the class service


congrats mate, must be awesome… :slight_smile:


Congrats @StrokeVorkz you look like a king with all that Elite stuff around you!!! Well done :smile:


Congratulations! Wonderful achievement! :slight_smile:


Another one! Congrats!!


Wow congrats. Enjoy.


Congrats! Great day!


Congrats man, looks great :smiley:




Congratulations, such a great achievement!