Got Locked Out!!!

You have destroyed all of my 2 years of hard work.

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Pray tell.

@DotPixels How did Envato destroyed your 2 years of hard work?

I have been working hard with a dream that i will build my career here. Every time i was failed but from last two month i have got the light of hope. I didn’t get any outcome yet. That is not fact. But in my account, there were 60 Graphicriver item which are getting sale every day. Suddenly today my account is showing locked out. It’s not legal. I have not committed any illegal things. It is so hurted to me.

Contact support. It usually works better than being a drama queen on the forums.


Some of graphic river authors in my country Facebook Group also locked out of their account. It’s better to contact support, hope you’ll get your account back :wink:

They always send automated mail in this case. I have proof. Please do not tell like this. It is not drama.

I am sure support will help you out. Be aware of longer response times…

I get locked out plenty of times. Probably my fault for logging in from different countries every week, but hey ho! I’d rather that than them not having security measures in place to protect our accounts.

I mean, how would you feel if somebody logged into your account, deleted all your items and withdrew all your funds? You’d be crying out for some kind of security measure that detects abnormal behaviour and locks accounts accordingly.

Contact support, and if you’ve not done anything naughty, then they should have you back up and running lickety split!


I agree with @SpaceStockFootage never get involved in any kind of illegal activity. You will never have any issue. :slight_smile:


Ha Ha Ha Funny :smiley:

We need proof, while I’m not sure you’re right. Valid only drama))

Ooops!!! What will I get by doing drama. Many of my friend and known person got blocked without any reason. After contacting with support, all of their reply was the same text.

I haven’t got reply yet. After receiving i will show you that…

But you do realise that they can track the purchases made between accounts, right? It is pointless to rant and say you did nothing wrong, because apparently, you did.

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Here is the automated reply from GR

well that is a crystal clear anwser… the question is DotPixels, did you duplicate content across multiple accounts? and did your friends buy your items to boost sales?

Just be honest mate, no need to lie now since it seems to be final.

Impossible. I am 100% honest. @RobertSlump. I did not tried any illegal thing to do. I think Envato don’t need us like from small and poor country. They will stay with their Oldest and Elite Author. Even i have been following some of my brother. Their account is also locked.


I do not think envato excludes countries because they are small and/or poor. A sale is a sale, and money is money no matter what size your country is, or how poor or rich it is.

And if non of the accusations happened, then there is only the simple task left of proving that to envato. Have they given you any examples of what they claim are illegal activities?

No proof they have given