Got Hard Rejection with HTML onepage template

That was my second time trying to upload the item. I really don’t see any major issues this template have.
I can add more cool blocks and some stuff to improve this template. But I don’t believe it would help. I think there’s something that i’m missing in both visual and technical aspects.

Review team comments:
"The overall quality of your submission does not meet our aesthetic and technical requirements and will need to be improved before being resubmitted. Unfortunately we’re not able to provide more specific feedback for your submission at this time.

Please consider taking some time to familiarize yourself with our current library and quality levels of popular items before resubmitting."

Hi @Lumejio,

The concept is cool, however when I click any of the menu links, a white container come up empty and cover half of the screen.

I’m using Firefox 43.0.2 - Mac

Hey there

Same thing for me, white container and most of the content is messed up i mean the alignment and there are no images or anything that displays. Many text content is overlapping. I think the idea is great but you have to fix all those issues.

  • main slider page there is nothing but the icon in the middle.

  • features nothing but a white blank bg.

  • text content, right side of this section is empty.

  • portfolio this is actually the section that shows up Get our mobile app today for free

  • our staff is another white empty bg

  • statistics not centered on the page its pulled to the right and right part is cut off

  • blog links empty white bg with just titles.

  • contacts pretty empty only contact form on the left but right is empty.

  • blog page is good.

So there hope this helps.



Thank you. There was a single bug which was ruining the whole page. Now it’s fixed

Hey brother this is kinda my style i really like it. Very nice animations too.

The only thing i can see is the white text need to be more crisp so you can see it better. Also the ticking sound is a bit annoying.

I would also increase the spacing between titles and sub titles and give it more breathing room.

The selected nav bullets could be done better so it does not overlap funny maybe change that to a normal fade or something so it looks like its not a mistake how it is positioned after the change of the selected content.

Cheers and good luck