Got hard rejected, Just why?!

I just got hard reject for my submission ( a personal WP blog theme ), I really can’t find a reason for that, especially when this item having a concept!

Here is it:

Please advice!

I guess one of reason that you got hard reject is copy than another style’s theme.
Your link style like this theme, Your link style isn’t exactly like this but following that technique.

Thanks for replying …

I didn’t saw this item before I start, However I think the concept is way beyond this item, My theme considering readability … the mentioned theme in my opinion is not, try to see this in any article post!

I guess because it’s so classic ?!

I got your idea that’s a theme for better readability but I don’t think using sharp colors like solid black with way large heading is good for readability, I think it was rejected because the concept.

Maybe this other reason for the rejection the idea is already on the market

Thanks, I think you are right, solid sharp black wasn’t good as it looks to me, I have made some major changes including changing the sharp black color, and I wil consider your point of the big titles as well, Thanks a lot, I appreciate your valuable comment :slight_smile:

Ah for the idea, I think there is a few are depends on the concept, but in my theme if you see, there is a uniqe feature, try to go to any post article and use the button of settings on the top right.

No one will look at your single pages if the homepage wasn’t convincing even though they look really nice, I will try to make it more clear your problem is not about typography or anything else ( Even you do have ) it’s about the concept.

You can improve typography, spacing and the overlook then submit again if you have a good luck you will get soft reject but if you want my advise work on different concept don’t leave things for luck.

I am thinking to have it step by step first.