Got Hard Reject when build the e-commerce theme from PSD layout that approved!


Dear All,

First of all, thanks for reading my situation.

  • I have the associate with other Author. He’s designer, he build the AZtheme and successful submit to , the item id is 21196260

  • So, i contact with him about associate and want build the Shopify site for his deisgn AZtheme. He approved and also submit into Envato Forum about this association.

  • I spent a lot of time to build Shopify theme base on his layout. When the item completed, i submit it to and got Hard Reject! You can see the Shopify demo at

  • I don’t know why my item got Hard Reject. Because I build the Shopify theme the same PSD layout.

Please help me. Thank you very much.


Hi, please upload you demo image .jpg b ecause we can help you thanks.


Try to contact envato support for more details from reviewer.
Also if you have aprouved html or PSD is not a quaranty that your theme will be aprouved.

Good luck.


Here is the screenshots of PSD items

Thank you very much


Yes, it’s. When my item got the hard reject, i have summit ticket explain about it. But it over 3 days without any feedback :frowning:


A question, you html was hard rejected themeforest?


I build Shopify theme base on PSD files above link, it got hard reject without any feedback from reviewer after submit. Thank you very much


I understand but you design PSD is very good but I think that you can submit ticket maybe reviewer wrong hard rejected.

Good Luck.



Thank you very much. I have submit ticket over 3 days and wait their checking. Hope it fine as your comment.

Best Regards,


Dear JeriTeam,

I got the report from Envato Reviewer that our theme demo broken, here is his screenshot of demo link

But we have tested in many computers with different platform , web browser and it show right/fine as PSD files.

Do you got the broken demo layout as Envato Reviewer in ?

Best Regards,


You link is good open website but maybe you test other browsers maybe broken link, my screenshots (I use chrome of mac):


Thank you very much.
I have tested in Macbook using Chrome and Safari, also Windows 7,8,10 using Chrome and all show right. It’s too strange :frowning:


Maybe browser of windows broken link.


Thank you. Just try tested in Firefox, IE11 and Opera in Windows 8 and all fine.


Ok, I not know what to do :frowning:



Thank you very much, JerTeam
I will try submit ticket again and ask about the test case platform.


Different ThemeForest Categories has different levels of quality. So if your item/design was approved as a PSD or HTML Template, this doesn’t mean it will be approved in WP Category…Unfortunately.



Thanks for your information.


I got hard reject due to demo broken as screenshot
But i have checked many time the demo in many computers, platform and web browser, and don’t got the error as Reviewer screenshot.

Can i ask, do you also take the broke layout as screenshot above?
Thank you very much.


I got Hard reject again.
Only got 1 reason to reject is “Your demo appears to be down.”
But we tested many thing and also Envato Author support also don’t got this error, why only Reviewer got this error and he hard reject my item.