Got hard reject on an item that its HTML version was approved. Please help to advice

Hi everyone.

We’ve created an item that its html version was approved since Jan 2019.

Here it its link:

Here is the WordPress version:

Thank you very much

Is there anyone can help?

Hi, I can see html template from another account. out of interest have you made Author Collaboration with that html Author? have you submitted the ticket id (about Author Collaboration approval) in comments when you submitted the wp version?

Your WordPress version is different than the original HTML, Examples: Typography heading looks more bold in your theme, I can’t find “Our Stories” heading in the HTML version, Dropcap is missing… and there is many other issues with the WordPress versions.

Hi yes sure and I have submitted the ticket ID also. I think we need to check carefully about the design and fix the wrong thing before re-submit

Thank you for your help. The “Our Stories” we’ve just created it. In the first upload, it’s not there. We’ll check carefully the design and make the fixes before re-submit the item.

Thank you