Got hard reject, need feedback


I am new to themeforest. I submitted a moodle theme on themeforest but got hard rejected. I need feedback to improve my theme.

Sorry, I say you… your design is only demo not it works click link. it is also very basic design. Other themeforest only english, your cann’t use other language.


thank you for your reply
the theme works very well
on the other hand for the design I agree with you, I designed this theme to test the development on moodle, it is simple but I believe that it is useful.

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you need design more quality. lists you have errors designs:

  • not good colors

  • spacing

  • hierarchy

  • Typography

etc etc…

you can see other example approved themeforest.

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You need to improve overall design. It is not looking professional. You have to come up with unique & creative design. Need improvement in color, shadow, typography, consistency, spacing etc

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Demos need to be in English

The design is non existent and absolute basics of typography, spacing and construction needs completely rethinking

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