Got hard reject html but design is modern and code is clear cannot find why it got hard reject

Yesterday I uploaded my new HTML Template demos, but unfortunately it got Hard-Reject, Can you please tell me what’s wrong with html template, and why I got Hard Reject in this Item.
It seems design is modern, better animations and code is clear.

All demos page: Maestro — Multi-niche website templates
Demo 1: Agency | Maestro HTML Template
Demo 2: Consultant | Maestro HTML Template
Demo 3: Home Builder | Maestro HTML Template

Hi, Basic Design. There is no premium quality. Buyers Expert premium quality. I hope you need to work more then 70% work. You can remember Envato not a client. Don’t focus just got upload you can Focus on quality product you can spend much more time.

I suggest you can check for recent uploads trending templates that will help you.

Do you mean, I should change the whole design? I draw design according to last trends: Big headings, minimalism, smooth transition and so on

Not only one place. I suggest you can remove first animations. Animation is not subject.
You can focus.

  1. Typography Hierarchy
  2. Design quality first
  3. Good graphics
  4. Spacing and alignment
  5. Colour balance
  6. Validation and code quality
  7. quality documentation

Can i contact to you via mail or whatsapp? for collaboration?

Sorry… Here many groups members are ready for helping you.

ok, thank you no matter :+1:


I think everything has already been said. There are issues everywhere, mobile view for instance is a mess.