Got error message after installing salient theme

Hello everyone, I have recently bought Salient theme pro regular version. When I installed it on my local Wordpress setup, its showing an error on the top on Wordpress admin portal as well as on site. The error message is: Warning : Creating default object from empty value in C:\xampp\htdocs\vizfoundry\wp-content\themes\salient\nectar\redux-framework\ReduxCore\inc\class.redux_filesystem.php on line 29

I have tied to disable all the plugins but didn’t worked for me. As soon I disable the salient them the error goes away so I think the error is due to the theme.

Can anyone please help me what’s this issue and how to resolve this? I am a developer so a little help can be much for me. I googled it but couldn’t find any solution.

Some of the PHP extensions are not installed on the localhost. Just install it to web server. It’s probably not related with the theme but your localhost configuration

Thanks, can you please give me some extensions name so I can know what extensions are you exactly talking about?

You can check what it’s at the line 29. But I’m guessing this is one of the “theme options” and saving/updating the options may solve the problem

Alright, I found the following function there,

public function __construct() {

            $this->parent->admin_notices[] = array(

                'type'    => 'error',

                'msg'     => '<strong>' . __( 'File Permission Issues', 'redux-framework' ) . '</strong><br/>' . sprintf( __( 'We were unable to modify required files. Please check your permissions, or modify your wp-config.php file to contain your FTP login credentials as <a href="%s" target="_blank">outlined here</a>.', 'redux-framework' ), '' ),

                'id'      => 'redux-wp-login',

                'dismiss' => false,



can I comment out the whole function, as I did and the error got disappeard


I would like to recommend please contact theme Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased theme Author (you can use comments to post your query in theme comments page), theme author will be happy to assist you.