Got Envato Elite Package



After a long day work, this just made our day. Thank you envato and all our buyers :smiley:


Congrats! Enjoy :sunglasses:


Thank you :blush:


hi @iPanelThemes



Congrats! Is that a highlighter pen? Is that new?! Why didn’t anybody tell me… this changes everything. Hold all my calls, I’ve got work to do! Badges 6, 7 and 8… here we come! :grinning:


Thank you @ITstorm and @SpaceStockFootage. Bdw, there is also this vegemite thingy (just tried a spoon) which gives you a real kick (almost literally).


Yeah, I’ve not tried it, but I hear it’s a bit like Marmite. Which is great! Good spread thinly on toast with plenty of butter.


And I just grabbed a spoon without any bread and butter. I am so not going to do that again :confounded:


Yeah, I think there’s few people who eat Vegemite or Marmite straight from the jar! That’s pretty hardcore.


Congratulations! :slight_smile:


Great milestone! :+1: Congrats and Good Luck in the future!!! :wink:


@Palzme, @MassDream Thank you :slightly_smiling:


Well done, mate! Congratulations!