Got charged Extra

I bought script worth $137 but I got charged $165. There is no transaction listed in the statement as well for the extra amount. I tried reaching Evanto support, but no response from them.

Can someone help?


Assuming that you probably added “extra” item for another 6 months, in total “12 months”
Check “statement” page for the details:

They’re not fast, usually take 3-5 working days to get a reply. Be patient.

Local tax charge? The listed prices on the marketplace don’t include any applicable taxes like VAT.

Thought about that option but user has purchased 10+ items. I mean he/she would notice it by now, if it was tax.

Hi Ki-themes and Charlie,

Thanks for the reply. My client is Belarus, usually I dont get tax receipt. But I would have made mistake and bought with tax, I m not sure. But the tax amount is not reflecting in the statement. If I got charged for tax, if I cancel and purchase again, will get the tax refund? and where can I find the tax invoice?

Check that file for the details.

If you have downloaded the item already, you cannot request a refund as well as just to avoid the tax, you shouldn’t be considering to cancel the purchase, it would cause additional issues such as your account may be blocked.