Got another reject! Very need your advises!

Folks… I got another reject…of my work.
Anybody can tell me why they do this to me…
Please if you have a time listen my work and tell me something. Anyway may be i didn`t hear something.
WIsh good luck and many sales to all.

P.S.: I know this is a not real guitar… But i tried very hard. I`ve spend a whole FffU***ng day on this short solo line.

SO i say it again if you hear something wrong with this track tell me. Im shure ill try to fix it

Love the vibe, and sounds good to me !
maybe they don’t see commercial use for that…i don’t really know.
i am new on audio jungle and i got 3 approved and 5 rejected, i don’t know exactly their approval guidelines beyond tech/production requirements…i know could be frustrating, just keep it up :slight_smile:
Reviewers use their taste too, and maybe that day it wasn’t right to them…i don’t know.
Someone told me that MAYBE it’s related to what they need in that specific moment, in terms of category.
I have posted a topic just yesterday, same question…i need feedback too!

Well, I must say that for a VST guitar you did a pretty good job, BUT, no vibrato, no bends… It still sounds too mechanical.

I would say this: never, never, ever make a solo guitar piece with a fake guitar. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.


Work is approoved. I`ve made a few changes.

Good job with VST guitar!

Thanks man! Im worked hard