Got an old track that had 0 purchases get 1 sale!!



I had a track with 0 sales just sitting in my portfolio for a few months and I just had someone buy it for music broadcast. Woot! I thought that track was a good one too and was feeling hopeless about that one. So you just never know I guess :smile:


Congratulations and yeah, I’d never consider removing any of my tracks. You never do know.


hi, yes it can happen sometimes with any kind of item indeed, sometimes there’s a matter of exposure of the concerned item or maybe an issue of meeting the buyers who needs it at the right time, or that sometimes people do not feel there’s an even better item offered by someone else but anyway the good thing is that u could sell :wink:


Yes it does happen from time to time. There’s a logo I had put up over two years ago that never sold. This month, I sold it twice to completely unrelated buyers. What are the odds of that? The Jungle is always full of surprises.