Got an email from Envato?!



Every morning is the same for me: a cup of coffee, checking sales, emails…
I received this email 1 hour ago and I’m confused…


I see for the first time that name o.O

Can someone from the envato staff answer this question?
Also, could it be possible that you made a mistake and hard rejected this item?


Hey WhoWP,

Thanks for letting us know about this, and we apologise for the email being addressed to the wrong person. Today we deployed a change to our review feedback emails, and as happens sometimes when you deploy changes, it looks like something went wrong.

The outcome of your review is still correct, it’s just that the email has been addressed to the person who reviewed your item instead of you, the author. We’ve got a developer looking at it right now, and will deploy a fix shortly.

Surreal Estate - Project Feedback

Yes, I just received one of these new messages and to be honest I feel offended by the sarcastic wording ‘Not all donuts come out with a hole’ after so many days working on an item.

It’s no joke to get hard rejected after putting so much time into an item, and messages like these don’t help, especially looking at some of the trash that is appearing in the add-ons section.


Hi Jipito,

We apologise if the wording in the new email came across as offensive. Please know, that was not at all our intention. At Envato, we like to include a little humor in our communications as a way of showing that we are human. In this instance, we didn’t quite get it right.

We have taken on board your feedback and have removed the phrase (‘Not all donuts come out with a hole’) from all future rejection emails.

Thank you for your feedback.


Hey Jipito,

I’m Siddharth and I actioned your item earlier. I’m sure it must be weird to see my in there, haha. :slight_smile:


Hmmm…still don’t find it funny, & I would greatly appreciate if you could give me SOME idea of why the reject to be able to continue with the efforts (not really used to these rejects up till now).


I received something similar, but I think the reviewer’s name was actually input there instead of my own.


I received one today and everything seems fine:

Your submission has been approved!
Hi Carolina Cristina da Silva,

Congratulations! Your submission ‘[mod removed]’ has been approved for sale on GraphicRiver. You can view it online here:

– project link –

Thanks for your high quality submission. Keep up the awesome work!

Envato Market Team