Got an E-Mail with : It's been a few days and we haven't heard back from you about your inquiry.

I have gotten an E-Mail regarding my Ticket which says that i did not reply to the Ticket which i did.
I replyed multiple times… did you get my replys? will my ticket be closed? is this an error?

Thanks in advance.

Have you replied on the email of the ticket? Or did you login and reply on the system there?

I myself have never had to email Envato Customer Success Team, but I guess you need to be logged in to reply to their ticket.

On the E-Mail i dont think i have acces to the ticket anywhere on the site.

Hi @Leon_A,

Just you need to reply the email you received.
Also you can login to the envato support systems (check the following link) and there you will check your ticket(s) and reply from there:


Thanks, that worked. Replying to the e mail did not work even after multiple attempts.
But using the link to get to the login page, resting the password and then going to the link again worked. There i can see my tickets and als reply.

Thanks again.

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