Got a soft rejected. Need help please!

Demo for my soft rejected item

I got a soft rejected with the following seasons:

  1. JQUERY PERFORMANCE NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: Your jQuery code can benefit from some performance tweaks. Please make sure that your jQuery is properly formatted, commented and that you are caching and chaining whenever possible. For more information please read: _–net-5551
  1. SPACING AND ALIGNMENT: There are spacing and alignment issues in this item. Please make sure that all elements are aligned properly and spacing is consistent from section to section. Here are some articles with more information regarding negative space and proper spacing: _–webdesign-3401

For no.1, what should I do more with jquery. In fact, I am not so expertise in jQuery.

For no.2, I really have no idea with SPACING AND ALIGNMENT with this template. But I already worked hard for that. This template has SPACING AND ALIGNMENT problem only on a home page or other pages as well. Please anyone give me comment in order to improve to be approved.


a demo link is needed btw.

Ohh sorry for that. I forgot. Now added. Thanks for telling me that. :slight_smile:


If it’s possible, I recommend you post to this topic to cover more advise.