Got a Quality standard reject

hi dear all experts. I am logo designer. experience 7 years more but i am a new here. i start submit my logo in graphicriver but i submit 2 design but i got a reject.

can you please suggest me what is need to improved…? Please help me.

hi for me the global style is a bit outdated indeed, especially when it comes to the fish illustration. Besides your fish has too many details indeed and this is not looking good

the typo is really looking old style and this is also flat introducing originaity and font combinations would be welcome

th black colors seems to come out of nowhere and is not matching in terms of colors , with the rest … u should opt to select complementary colors or shades of the same colors …

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Thanks for your suggestions. Can i resubmit with new update.?

hi indeed if u brought substantial enough changing to the table , u can definitely do

The fish looks a bit odd. Like it is being bent over backwards. The wave shapes need to be more smooth/even and relate to each other with smooth changes of width between each shape. I have found that if you flip the image horizontally you can often see some of the uneven mistakes. Hope this helps.