Got a hard failure.

Hello! Got a hard rejection for the track. I would like to understand basic mistakes. I would be very grateful.

I can´t hear it, need to login in that web.

18 / 10000
Перевести вGoogleBing
And how to do it?

And how to do it?

load you track on sound cloud service)

VK is not popular yet on the other side of the world :slight_smile:


First of all, i need to say, melody is rly nice. And overall track is pretty cool. Nothing so crucial to not make it into market, but who am i.
1:12, 1:19 this two pieces of your muted guitar sound strange. Maybe this was too edgy :smiley:
I honestly like those muted guitar parts after 0:50 and 1:52 but maybe it’s was kinda too odd for corporate and reviewing guy.
And did ya cut unimportant low ends? Bass seems a bit muddy.

Spending sometime in audiojungle community forum and i just start to realize reviewing process looks more like a gamble for medicore stuff. I’m sorry for your time and pain that it cause. In my advise just drop it (nobody here will ever know what was wrong precisely) and start another one. It was good, honestly, it’s just no luck for today.
Atleast you got some tracks that was accepted, i just started to think i’m in a black list for my first few baddie uploads. Anyway good luck next time! :slight_smile: