Got a brutal rating because AdRev

I just received a one star rating 7 tracks from the same buyer:

Gets blocked on youtube DRM even though you buy it. Did enjoy the music though, but unfortunately had to buy music from a different and friendlier author. Check out ‘Enlightened Audio’ instead. Cheapter, no DRM, better service, similar quality.

My answer:

The reason for the youtube block is because the music is registered with a content id system namely AdRev.

You’ll find on all tracks you purchased information about this system.

No worries it’s only one step more to get unflaged by AdRev please follow this link for further instruction. you might feel bothered by this extra step but actually it’s better for you in the long term once your YT video is registered you never have to worry again.

Please follow this link for further instruction:

Also I’d like to know why you talk about “friendlier” I hear the first time about this and I really want to help you. Please reconsider such a negative rating. Thanks

Are you having similar trouble with your buyers?

Hi there - this once happened to me and it took about 6 months for my star rating to recover back to 5. Unfortunately this will happen but in my opinion it is better to be protected than not. As long as your items do not hide the fact that ContentID is being used then a buyer is made fully aware of what is going on and it is just rubbish that they decide to rate it poorly. With regards to a “friendlier” author / marketplace then that is just someone who is just being petty and unreasonable. Oh yes I did check out the quoted website and the quality is not the same and tracks longer than 30 seconds are not cheaper.


I’d suggest opening a ticket with support since he’s advertising a competing website in his reviews.

Also, open a ticket, because it was not your fault. Maybe staff can do something with those ratings.

Did the item description make it clear that it is a AdRev protected item?
If so the buyer is completely in the wrong here and you should open a support ticket right away.

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Open a ticket with support and inform them of the unfair rating. It will be removed because your item page already clearly states that “YouTube Content ID is administered by AdRev”.

This is not your fault and is the best way to handle the situation.

Thank you guys for hearing me here.

I opende a ticked at Sep 23.

I’ll let you know how it went.

I can gladly report that those ratings has been removed.


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