Google's new logo!

So what are your thoughts about the new Google logo?

I think, it’s kinda dribbble’ish. I liked the old one better, not saying this one’s bad though.


I love it!

I couldn’t care less.

I like :smiley:

yeah its gud :slight_smile:

Love it :slight_smile:

I love it too! Very clean.

I like it, feels more modern and practical. I never really liked their old serif font logo - looked cheap.

For the same reasons, I liked their old one. The serif gave a personality to the brand. This looks like a redesign we usually see on dribbble.
Different tastes I guess. :wink:

I like this better :smile:


Ahahaha :smiley: Another alternative, but other option very lucky :slight_smile:

New logo is nothing special (and of course it doesn’t need to be special).
I think they are joking.

They are a company who is building driverless cars but yet still can’t detect that I am using a VPN Service and continuously asking “Bedros, is it you?”

Google has more serious issues than their useless logo and the first is their big EGO.
All of those nonSense penalties (yes , once they were really useful but then they started to work for the favor “BİG” companies and they mostly erased “small” guy from the list) etc. etc.

Let’s hope their competitors will not give in.

poor , flat , tasteless … no design anymore , for me it’s low quality …

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For a logo that’s probably had more money than we are all worth combined put into it’s R&D, I’m very surprised they released something a two year old could have made

It’s not too bad, but a bit too hyped up really

It’s ok. Nothing amazing. Nothing too bad. Just… ok.

Honestly, it doesn’t really reflect Google’s Brand! regarding their material design and icons! I was waiting better than that from Google! They created their own font, they could creat a better one! so all I can say about it is : Not Bad :confused:

I like font-weight:300 more than font-weight:700 :smile: Who like bold fonts in modern design? :wink:

My first impression:
Nah, I don’t like it.

It’s clean and simple but it looks like kids’ daycare for me.

And I stumbled on into this. I like it this G though. Because it’s just letter G with Google’s main colours.

Gymboree’s identity (1993-2000) vs. Google’s new identity (Sep 01, 2015)

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