Google Web Fonts Mega Pack (ZIP)


I got tired of downloading fonts one by one every time I use a Google Web Font, so I complied a ZIP containing 270 font files.

Download here:



Really nice man!


Seriously, this is great!


Very cool! Thanks!


Hey thanks for the link!


I’m glad you guys like it :slight_smile: Please share it on twitter so more people can download :slight_smile:


thanks , this is pretty useful :slight_smile:


This is great man, will be really helpfull, thanks!


WOW, thanks man for that!, i was always hoping if i got them all in a one link.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Thank you, man! That’s really awesome.

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Thanks, but I must ask, will you update this often?


very nice of you :slight_smile: thanks


awesome…thanks mate : )


Link is down… anyone have a mirror?


Link is not down.


Thanks mate :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:


Great stuff, after I couldn’t find any inconsistency with Google Fonts license I tweeted about this. :nerdy:

Ant, I think a Tweet / Like / +1 links on your website will be very beneficial for your visitors. :slight_smile: I once thought that this social thing is rubbish, but here I am wanting to share it and I don’t have a straightforward way. :stuck_out_tongue:



Sorry for hijacking thread, but here is a fresh pack, with little jQuery help plugin.




Updated Google Fonts TTF files full Zip pack.