Google script api link conflicts with SSL

Hey guys, my site uses the APus Huza theme (from the envato elements subscriptions.) After setting up my SSL certificate, I used to see what links needed to be resolved. While I resolved all other issues, the only problem link that remains to be fixed is the following: “

Here’s the screenshot of the whynopadlock results:

I found the offending google link via the web developer inspect tool on my browser, but I’m unable to figure out which file on my ftp manager holds the offending link. Help! :slight_smile: Any thoughts on how to resolve the issue?

I’ve been scouring file after file on my server looking for the offending link, but to no avail.

Thanks so much.



plese contact theme author and let them know. theme author will help you. the link should come without http or with https in your case (secure ssl).

How to contact an author:


Hi mgscoder, I already reached out to the theme author. :frowning: They referred me to documentation and forum as they do not offer support for templates acquired via the envato subscription service. I would use a different template, but at this point, the site is complete and this is the only snag. Hoping to iron it out. Thanks. :slight_smile:

then you can search the full theme and theme bundle plugin related to google map for the link
and you have to remove http and the link should start from


Ah, I see. I had searched it WITH the http with no success. Thanks mgscoder. I will try that as soon as the kiddos give me a spare minute, lol.

Ahhh! It worked! Thank you mgscoder!!

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