Google removed rating stars from their SERP for Envato markets

Codecanyon items (probably other envato markets) lost ratings stars and number of votes on Google search engine results pages.

Just 2 screenshots to explain: how it looks right now and how it was some days ago

I still see meta tags of schema meta information on codecanyon pages. Don’t see any problems with schema markup, but it does not work.

This thing was EXTRA attractive for buyers.

Any comments from Envato developers?

Maybe it’s just a cache bug, because if you go to and input the link to any marketplace item, the test results say everything is fine:

I hope this is a cache bug of google. Already tested this with structured data testing service and mentioned that I don’t see any problems with schema markup. But as I see all codecanyon items were affected on this, even most popular visual composer plugin.

SERP results very often don’t include ratings. It is not related to specific websites, it is simply the way Google works, and there is no way to influence how, why and when the ratings is displayed in results regardless of the testing tool results.

I got many times that behavior for my sub-sites … It’s not a bug, sometimes google read this schema and sometimes not. But overall I think that they will be removed soon as SEO industry use it much to often :slight_smile:

Ah, it’s OK. Just wanted to mention that items on another markets still have this feature.