Google Maps Pins

I’ve added multiple locations for my partners using Google Maps. The Pins that shows locations are loading in a long period of time, and not at once. I would like to know if there is any solution for my map to show all pins at once when the page is loaded.
Thank you!

Is this on the normal google maps interface? or through a product that has been purchased from ThemeForest/CodeCanyon?

Please provide some more details and someone here should be able to point you in the right direction.


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Hello again!
Inside the page I’ve used Google Maps from Fusion Builder. I am using Avada. I’am not technical, that’s why I am asking for some support.
Thank you!

Best to contact Avada support here for this particular issue:

Maybe you already have an answer from them, but here is a quick, general tip for when you have many pins on a Google map, no matter what product is used:

it’s always best to use latitude, longitude coordinates instead of physical address, because in this case Google maps servers will not have to take time to translate each physical address into a latitude, longitude point that can be shown on the map.

So, for each pin, just use, for instance instead of Victoria Street 2456, New York, USA, for instance, its corresponding geographic coordinates given with latitude, longitude.


Thank you for this, I will try it!