Google Map in WordPress Theme doesn't work ?

Hi all from France. Google Map doesn’t work anymore this morning with my themes and wordpress websites from any computer. However, it works from GoogleMaps website . The geolocation points works, but there is no map picture beside anymore . Any Idea or same issue ?

Try contacting the theme author, they will fix it…

Assuming your maps are rendered via Google Maps API and not simply embedded via iFrame, adding the following custom CSS to your page can help, because WP and many themes now apply a maximum width of 100% to images, which does not work for the tile images that make up the Google Map:

body .gm-style img {
max-width: none !important;

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Thank you very much for your reply, theme developper has update the theme

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Hi, i have installed WPmobilepack in WP4.9.4, its working fine for desktop, but not rendering in mobile, just a white space in place of map.

If its the theme i need to update, which ones and where, the theme file concerned is apparently component.css but i can’t find reference for where to make the changes??

There is no reference to gm-style?