Google logo animation



If I recreate Google new logo animation, can I post it in Videohive?
like this:


Assuming it’s allowed (which is unlikely), why would anyone buy Google’s new logo animation?


It’s have different animation and also some another features. It’s can be use for site promotion. Google logo will be one of the part.


Do you think it’s not necessary?


Hey Den, just think like web users :slight_smile: if you make social icon animations, it might be nice set with HTML. So it might animate when user hovers on it.


You can’t sell an exact copy of Google’s logo animation, you may get in serious troubles if you do so. I don’t see a problem in creating similar animations, but since the market is over-saturated with simple flat animations, the standards for this kind of templates are super high. So you’ll need to make top-notch item to get it approved here.


Give me a few seconds, I will upload a preview on Youtube. Just let me know if something is wrong with copyright (connected with Google). This is only a small part of the project, I want to do something like a movie for the promotion of sites. I am a new user on Envato, so do not know much about the local standards. I hope I did not spend a lot of your time.



Here it is


@OsamaSayegh What do you think ? Soon I’ll well organized layers, and create easy way to customize


Well, I would change the colors, add one or two more circles, just to avoid any potential risks. As to the idea, I still don’t get it. All I see is a microphone converts to 4 circles, then the circles form an audio visualizer.


I’ll tell you about the progress in a few days :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help:)


@OsamaSayegh Hi bro! What do you thing about it: Preview


In my opinion, it’s quite simple and not too much going on. It could be improved a lot if you ask me. I’ve seen some templates of that kind offer some really awesome stuff about website/service presentations with brilliant animations and appearance. I’d advise you take a look at the market and see what has been already made and then build upon that with your own touch and creativity.

Good luck!


Do you thing try to improve this project or it is hopeless and easier to make a new. Envato standarts it’s so high :confounded::disappointed_relieved:


Actually it’s up to you. However, I’m against the idea of abandoning projects so easily, maybe you should try your luck and give it a shot. But like I said, take a look what we already have on the market and try to understand the standards here. You need to spend time monitoring the marketplace.


Hi! What’s up? Look! What do you thing about THIS


It’s not bad, but I don’t see anything special in it that would make it different from the similar templates out there. I’d advise you to add to it a unique creative touch that would make the template more valuable so that you would have more chance of getting an approval for this.


How about THIS? Do you have any idea about the final decay?


I don’t understand what the “envato love you” scene has to do with the project. What is the purpose of that?