Google drive get video path without expire


I am trying to get a video path from google drive without expire, the video is more then 2gb, I manage to get the path but it only works for a few hours because of the expire parameter.

Any help would be appreciate it, I have exausted all options.

Thank you.

First make the video public:
right click the video -> anyone with the link can view

Then copy the link shown when making the above step, you will get a link like this:{fileId}/view?usp=sharing

In the link above, note the fileId and replace the link to this (observe the parameters!):{fileId}

Then you can use this last link to embed the video for instance in a video tag, if this is what you intend.

You’ll have to replace in the above example the {fileId} with yours.

Live code example of this, my (embedded) crazy and cute cat, eating guests shoes, video is hosted on Google Drive:

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