Google Analytics - Tips and Tricks

Any analitycs wiz want to share some tips and tricks? I’m a complete noob at it and so far my only beginner breakthrough was to filter out my own clicks.

I know it’s basic, but thought it could help someone out:

-Google “what’s my ip”
-Copy your IP
-Go to Google Analitycs’ Admin page
-Go to Filters
-Add Filter
-In type, select “Exclude”
-In source, select “traffic from the IP adresses”
-In expression select “that are equal to”
-Paste your IP[/spoiler]

Anyone have some better tips and tricks to add? Better yet, has anyone figured out how to track downloaded previews?

Hope this helps.


Thx :slight_smile: I am total noob when it comes to analytics :slight_smile:

Hey @waxpoetic! Thanks for the tip! I’m also a novice in analitycs so I’m bumping this thread up maybe more fellow authors will share some valuable tips.

thank you! very useful! :slight_smile:

It’s only works if you have static IP. Best approach for people with dynamic IP is to use this Chrome extension. And in settings exclude only audiojungle.

Also great tool is Campaign URL Builder. It allow you to monitor how your own links works. For example, these are people who visit my profile from this forum.


Thanks, very useful!