Google Analytics looking Charts

Im researching charting options and it seems like morris js and flot are great options. They seem to be awfully ugly by default though and I have been really impressed by some of the charts I have seen created with them in many of the admin themes. Im hoping to have the charts look a bit like google analytics or at least a nice clean modern look. Any suggestions? Im hoping to avoid buying a full admin template and the having to figure out what junk I need to get rid of and keep just to get the charts and the associated style. Would be cool if it already included some php logic for gathering stats from a mysql db. Im completely open to ideas though. Would be willing to pay a freelancer to get what I need as well. Not required, but I will be needed a datepicker filter for it too, but thats obviously something that can be added.

Thanks for your ideas and suggestions.

I will be using this within a site that uses bootstrap if that makes any difference.

Thanks again for any ideas, offers, and suggestions.

You can use amcharts also.Pull it from DB and show in frontend.
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