Google Ads disapproved because of the theme is suspiciouse

i created a google ads compaign but it is disapproved and they told me thatads directing to domain disapproved due to ‘Malicious Software’ in Google Ads account 6723788264.

Upon investigating, I found that the ads driving to this site were correctly disabled from the ad network due to a suspected malicious content issue on the site. While a site is disabled for malicious content, ads are unable to serve this site until the issue is resolved.

Google automatically and consistently scans all web domains on the ad network for suspicious links which might be harmful to Google’s users (see policy here). Whenever any compromised links are discovered, a site is flagged until those links are removed and a subsequent scan comes back clean.

Thus, to fix the issue, the malicious links must be removed from the website. Please have the site owner/webmaster check the site to find and remove the compromised elements.

Once the compromised links have been removed and a subsequent scan has come back clean, your ads should be automatically approved within 72 hours, but usually it goes much quicker than this. Note that ads disapproved for this reason cannot be manually re-approved.

the suspiciouse link is the theme i use so how can i remove it to reactivate my ads

As far as I understand, it’s not the theme code that is malicious per se. It seems only the domain is flagged for some reason. Very different things.

the site is flagged because it contains suspiciouse link

this duspiciouse link opens to the homepage of the theme I use
I tried to move it but I couldn’t . I need some help in removing this suspicious link

There’s a link somewhere connected your website. Find that link and remove it

i dont find this link . can anyone help me ?

I can offer paid support if you’re interested in

how much

Please, send a message via this link to discuss the details as we are not allowed to discuss any pricing at the forum. Remember to mention about your budget - that would save time for both of us