Goodnex theme. Drupal 7

Hi everyone. Two years ago i bought themeforest-goodnex-drupal7-theme. ( I have license file item ID and item purchase code).

Today I installed Drupal 7.59, then install themeforest-goodnex theme like that: appearance => install new theme => chose goodnex-theme.rar file on my computer. Install was saccessfull. I find new modules, but i can’t see new theme in appearance. Why? How to solve this?

I tried unzip theme files, and move it to domains\mysitename\themes\goodnex, but after that in appearance i see so many themes (files from goodnex folder).
-Tried clear cache - nothing change.

  • Tried install Drupal 7.34 - nothing change.

How to solve this problem? If new theme (goodnex) install was saccessful, why i can’t see this theme in appearance?