Goodnews Support Extension

I received an email reminding me to purchase support extension as I only have 6 days of support remaining. I followed the specified procedure but there is neither a “Renew Support” nor “Extend Support” beside my Goodnews product in my account details.

How can I renew before the end of support?

Yves Carrier

please go to your download page there you will see a list of all your purchased. for each purchased you will see as like this:
4 months of support remaining. Extend now.
cick Extend now

That’s the problem. I see my purchases and it says that I have 6 days of support left. But there is no button Extend now.

may I get the link of your Item

Hi @cpvd,

Yes, normally you will see an “extend now” link:


However, if the item is no longer being supported by the author, you will not be able to extend or renew support and will not see this link. Looks like this is the case for your item, unfortunately:


You can try contacting the author via their profile page to see if they are interested in continuing to support the theme:


Here it is:

please check details page may be you will find as like:
Momizat does not support this item

mean that Item is not supported

Ho! That’s what I see:

It’s unlikely that the Goodnews theme is not supported anymore?!?

Sory to say this Item is not supported. so you can’t extend support.

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OK. Thank you.