Goodlayer editor doesn't work - Cannot change / save edits


This mail is in regards with a problem i’m encountering while trying to make changes on my pages under kleanity theme.

When I try and make changes ,like adding new media or text, on the pages within my website…they’re not getting updated on the website. Also, when I turn back to my page tab on wordpress, there are no changes.

I think the issue is with the theme updates. Also, i cannot raise a ticket and verify my purchase because a service provider made this website on our behalf and so we do not have any access to the purchase code.

I’m ready to provide any other data required (I got access to the theme files on cpanel)

I hereby request the support guys to provide me a solution to update my theme and get this issue resolved.

Website: [] (
Theme: Kleanity

Founder, Corporate Sutra


This is your purchase item support from item author @GoodLayers

you can ask any kind of question about your purchase theme at here as a comments


Thanks for the reply.

But please try and understand the issue.

I have not purchased this theme but my service provider did and hence I cannot raise a ticket at the link provided by you.

I’m unable to reach my service provider and hence I had to come here. I’m facing a problem with the theme updates as I cannot verify the theme purchase and due to which I cannot initiate any edits on the website / editor.

Is there any other way to do so? I have access to the theme files on cpanel…does the files contain any exclusive ID to prove that I have this theme in order to verify the same?

Please help sir.


your service provider purchase it ? then you have to get in touch with or you have to get a license for updating your website theme.
If you don’t have purchase key or your theme isn’t activated then you are not able to update any of themeforest theme you have to a valid user you have purchase item license for using.

How can I acquire a license just to update the theme? @unlockdesign

You can check this documentation for theme updates

You’d have to buy another copy of the theme which would give you the latest version and renewed support etc

How can I do that without hampering the present content on the site?

You have to keep a backup your whole website then you can try with new update

Assuming you have not made custom amends to the core code of the existing one then you should just be able to upload the new copy via FTP (BACK THE SITE UP FIRST)

If you have made changes like custom CSS etc then you will need to know where and what those are to copy them across


Can I update the theme using any of the credentials in the theme files itself since I have access to them on my cPanel and I can also authenticate the theme purchase then?

Only if there is an auto update feature active (which would require the purchase code)