Good track rejected. Help me please to figure out what's wrong.

I have many of files of this type approved, and they still sale licenses. This track sound really good. Help me to figure out, what’s wrong with this track.

Hi @pilotaudio ! I think this is a good track. It’s actually hard to say what’s wrong here. It seemed to me a lot of bass, as well as percussion (its rhythm) sounds a little unusual.
Good luck!

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Thanks. I have an idea to shorten it to 1.30… and turn to ambient. With a very background beats, or even without them.

Hi @pilotaudio My first impression of it was that it sounded peculiar and a bit messy. I usually like the peculiar, but there was something just not quite right about this one. I think the pitch bends on the bass are a bit distracting when they dive into dissonance. They don’t quite seem to hit a point which is harmonically satisfying, although I get that this might have been the intention, I think AJ tend towards rejection when there is a clash of harmony.
The messy part I think is the rhythm. It seems to have an interesting kind of slow-fast tempo shifting generated, I guess, by extreme swing quantise. It sounds sort of like a cassette player with a faulty capstan. Again, I get that the effect makes the track unique, but I think perhaps it’s a bit too much for AJ.
The more I listen to it, the more I got used to it and it began to grow on me, but I guess the time constraints with the review process mean that the first impression is likely all you get.


Thank you very much for your review!

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