Good studio Speakers for Ableton Daw

Any preferred studio monitor speakers for mixing
ive been using only headphones and I think that’s part of the reason my track was rejected

thoughts advice most welcome

Hello, i think using only headphones its not good for your music. Music must be mastring only at monitor speakers:) At this moment i use Yamaha HS8 - amazing monitor (i think best at this time) My frends use Adam a7x / KRK Rokit 8 / end JBL lrs308 all speakers very good. My advice, if your budget is small - buy Yamaha HS5 (or models above) But best, listen before you buy, so you will find exactly what you need. Thanks.

I use JBL LSR 305, but last year I often change my place of residence and for this reason I have equipped myself with such program Reference 4

Virtually the whole mix and composition is made in headphones with this program and from what I see the mix translates identically and even better as I did it on monitors, so if you do not want to invest in equipment then it is worth buying this program and just continue using the headphones

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and it says a person who all the time only used speakers for everything and hated headphones any kind :joy:

i use mackie cr4. they are cheap and doing the job well :slight_smile:

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before spending out on a good pair of monitors, how is your listening environment? Even the best studio monitors in the world won’t give you good results if your room colours the sound. Severe standing waves would probably be more detrimental to your mixing decisions than using decent headphones in my opinion. Especially if you use the headphones with the Reference 4 plugin as @WIDE-VIEW suggested. It really does an awesome job and is a much cheaper solution.


thanks a million for the advice
think ill check them all out
most likely will go for the budget option though