Good Story about "Soft Rejection"

Hi all,
I am new to AJ even if I started in November 2017 (and had everything rejected). However, I would like to share this good story. I posted a track and I received a “soft reject” with an explanation. Two notes were not good, at 0:47.

This meant that not only AJ listens carefully to what we send them, but that they can spend some time if a track is “99% ok”.

Then I fixed the problem but messed up with the Watermarked file.
AJ wrote again that I needed to fix this, which I did.
Then the track was finally accepted.

So, in my opinion, if AJ rejects a track there is a reason, which is sometimes very hard to figure out (like the two notes at 0:47 in my track).

I wanted to share this story, so that all music creators don’t give up trying and learning new stuff, from rejections as well.