Good or bad navigation Wordpress

Hi to all:

I am making a wordpress but I already add a navigation door right but I remove navigation horizontal side logo, it’s ok or not? or I need add navigation horizontal side logo? I have dude :frowning:

I need approved themeforest.

Please help me thanks, Regards.

please help me thanks.

please help me, nothing help me :frowning:

@hevada @goofydadog please help me thanks.

Its looking good! Definitely do both versions. One with side navigation and one with top navigation.

Side navigation seems to be quite popular but if you are using ‘Hidden navigation’ with a hamburger menu it can cause usability issues with some site visitors. There have been various studies that indicate most users struggle with hidden menus. See:

Its generally the arty type of websites that use side navigation:

Or some news sites use it to keep you on the home page:

Glad you ‘got a dude’ and Good Luck!


Many thanks than I will add menu top and slide regards.


Other question… Do I can remove menu horizontal for mobile? I not like two navigation. please help me thanks.

RE:I not like two navigation - make two versions. One with and one without.

As for mobile use one or the other. See:

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Do I can make versions differents home menu for example slide version 1, navigation version 2? I understand some you comments.

@goofydadog please help me

Yes make at least two demos of your theme:
dos variantes

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I make 5 demos homepages, other pages also many thanks :slight_smile:


lol, what ?