good or bad idea for create my flyer

Hello everyone again:
I would like to create a “cueca” theme flyer for my country to celebrate my country’s anniversary (Chile) on September 18? but now I’m still not going to upload in graphicriver because it is for September 18. Is it a good idea or not? please help me, thank you so much.

I don’t know if this dance / music style it is well known worldwide. Personally I didn’t know what cueca meant.

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Yes, it’s music/dance, I will search for example in spanish.

this is a example dance “cueca” but different idea for make flyer, but I will to write as english use translate.

hi I do not think that this is a very profitable theme as regard to how rather limited the South American market actually is , especially apart from Brazil , though u can give it a try , if u do consistent work enough and manage to hit a niche maybe this is going to wrk so that this worth investing some time, who knows … (I am just afraid if the theme is limited to Chile, this is a different story if this is danced somewhere else …)