good or bad idea for add on photoshop

I can design a young woman to old age from photoshop action, is that a good idea or a bad idea?

Thank you.

If you were using Google Translate, we could understand what you are asking.

I am very sorry, I am deaf and I use translation but my Spanish is bad because I have never heard people speak. Ask the author n2n44, he already knows me from my facebook photo, and he already knows how I am.

hi buddy, she means that she wants to create an action to turn a woman into a old woman, if i coud understand well and she is asking if u feel like this is a good idea or not …

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@n2n44 Now after the message has been translated via Google Translate and corrected, I understand

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Yes, you can create such an item. Why not? I don’t remember that I would have seen such items on GraphicRiver. The main thing is that the product is of high quality


Thank you so much, I will do greetings.

lol u mean that u did not understand my translation of her message? LOL

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Yes lol

No. Her first message was incomprehensible. Then she corrected it. lol

Not bad idea at all, don’t rush to create an action and focus on quality and easy of use…
Market is full of actions which are just copies, made in a hurry and are sold for a low price of 2-4$ and you can only benefit from this if you Envato push (the quality has dropped enough and Envato allows it in the Market since Elements exist)… test the action on different photo and if you have a certain quality then you can put a higher price.

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Thank you so much, I will try to make more quality but I am not sure but the result I will not sell on graphicriver

All tips are good. Thank you for this thread.