Good News template issue- redirect

my support just expired, but I had an issue with your theme for long time, and you have not answered me.
I hope u can let me know this now.

​Im looking for the settings for redirects. The theme redirects non-logged in users to a Good News page, when click on the link : Bladarkiv innhold >>
I need to change the URL that the theme use to redirect. I can’t live with this…

it redirects to: ​​ ​


It’s likely only the author can help you with this. The fee for renewing your support is pretty reasonable and probably pretty small in comparison to your site not working :smiley:



Hi @thomasjojo,

You may need to ask this question to theme Author directly via “Support” or “Comments” section on item page:

This is general discussion forum, and even though I’m sure @XplodedThemes will take care of all support queries, it’s always better to ask for support on item page.


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its not okay. see below

well. this is actually a stupid issue. There is an redirect issue in the template, that send me to the when I click on my own link, when not logged in. Thats an issue you should not had there, and I have searched the entire theme files and find only 2 places that contains that link, one in the css info (should be ok) and one in the /lib/defaults/good-news.php. changed the latter. doesn’t help.

I should not have to PAY for fixing an issue they/you have created…

I have sent this directly to the developer and waiting for an answer…