Good Mic Preamp under 250$ ?

Hi Guys, Anyone can share his thoughts about this?
Is there any good cheap mic preamp, which is better than nothing?
Maybe not under 250$ if its not worth it, but something in low price range!


Hi mate!

I recomend this,

I think it’s very good low-cost alternative, but at that level, a good interface can do wonderful things with their pre onboard such as Steinberg MR816, or UR 824, its pres really are great

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I have this one:
sure it´s not the best but in it´s price it works really good.

The new Steinger UR, comes with yamaha pre´s , really good for a low cost

Studio Projects VTB-1 is good, as is the earlier Joe Meek VC3Q. Both well below $250.

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check out some of the warm audio units, good quality for an affordable price! $250 is a bit low though, you wanna be spending more around the $350 + mark…

Hey thanks guys, many good suggestions here!
How about presonus TubePre V2?


Really happy with the VTB-1 (pre) + B1 (mic) combo, both by Studio Projects - used them on all vocal & whistle tracks here:

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Hi, check out iD22 by Audient, who claim they have best preamps on the market today. Plus its not that expensive.