Good Hosting Service to host the demo site.


Can some1 suggest me a good hosting site to host my demo ?? I have been using godaddy and recently got a msg frm the review team tat they are unable to access my LIVE DEMO URL and got my item soft rejected…Please advice


You can try like Hostgator, Bluehost, big rock and search google for reputed hosting companies. Hosting company up-time and response time matters. Do not forget to check allowed CPU usages and RAM usages in a hour for basic plans. Companies hide this kind information in terms and conditions section. So be alert.


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We’re using Inmotion Hosting, that’s good, but has cpu usage limit


ohh… i was gonna go 4 bigrock :slight_smile:


Hello Crispy, I can suggest you Speed2Host to host your demo site url . Good uptime, reliable hardware 99,9 % uptime. Hope it helps . Best Regards


We’re using GoDaddy
Extremely fast!

Google PageSpeed Insights:


Great Job, Some of my sites(CMS) have 98 but 100 never : even Google has 79/92 :
//Power of pure HTML :slight_smile:


My site on Wordpress! Common and non-modified :slight_smile:


Which package you use in godaddy? earlier I used to shared one but it was dead slow.


Deluxe 9.99