Good and average sales!?

Hi people. How come that many of you have one item that are selling hundreds, even thousands times and the rest of the items have average sales?

Quality and usability are always winning attributes. Plus, all things being equal, certain marketplaces and categories usually sell more than others. Like Wordpress themes usually sell more than HTML themes, After Effects projects sell better than stock footage. Then you’ll get people who heavily promote their items through social media or paid ads. Having plenty of followers will help as well.

It’s a bit of a dark art creating an item that’s going to be a best seller, but creating a very high quality item that can be used in a number of different situations is the key. Advertising, and followers, and all that, isn’t really going to help if it’s not very good.


hi, i think that the choosing of the category is much of an issue. U have to choose something striking a large “target” and in which u can bring something somehow some way new … finding a niche is more than welcome. Promoting well your items is a very good and efficient idea too … to gain exposure

I think that it is quite opposite. I’ve listen hundreds of tracks that are selling excellent and they are ALL the same, just variations of same the thing. People obviously wants familiar melody in good package.

As I became an author i found out that it is pretty hard to analyse all the themeforest categories and theme features for choosing indeed good niche to my next project.Currently i found - service that helps me tracking themeforest tendencies, look on ADP effects, determine most valuable functionality, choose correct tags, etc. I guess that such help will be fruitful for. Unfortunately it is available only for themeforest authors.