Good amount of sales with Audiojungle only - How much time did it take you?

Hi: (Sorry about my english)
I’m here since october 09 at Audiojungle and I was wondering how much time take you to make a constant flow of income…but only selling your stuff at audiojungle ? I see lots of authors that make also WP themes, or graphic stuff so they earn lot more doing that obviously.

But It’s possible to do good money selling only on audiojungle ? If you think so, how much time took you to make it ? :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Hey there

This is what im wondering as well. I think that people are used to get music for free and are not willing to pay as much as for a nice template which they dont get so easy elsewehre and for free. Some people also do not understand why to pay 10$ and more for a single file on Audiojungle when you can buy a track on iTunes for 1$. “Royalty free” is something not everyone easely understands i guess :slight_smile:

So, lets keep on working and hope for the good :slight_smile:

Greetings and sorry for my shaby english as well :))


If you look at our top sellers page, it IS possible to sell your stock audio, but it’s about patience and hard work and marketing that you do yourself. It’s also about creating audio that is in demand and what your audience/customers need/want.

Here’s some quick advice on how to sell more of your audio:

Make sure you upload to AudioJungle regularly, create your own blog, blog about it, announce your new audio on Twitter, reTweet the audio I plug on Twitter for you guys every day :wink: get involved with film and gaming communities and show them your AudioJungle portfolio, collaborate with VideoHive and/or ActiveDen authors so your audio gets heard by a wider audience, create a MySpace page for your audio, contact companies who produce Flash games and Flash Web sites to tell them about your audio, create/upload videos to YouTube that uses your audio, join Facebook communities and post whenever you release new AJ material…

Phew! That’s all I could say with one deep breath, perhaps some more ideas later. :slight_smile: What other creative ways have you all used to market your audio?

Hi Scott:

It’s true, we also must make our own marketing and work hard. I post my new audio on my blog, but I didn’t do that on twitter or facebook (do’h), so I will start doing that everytime I upload any audio track…

I hope this can make my earnings grow, I will have patience…I really like Audiojungle, so I hope someday this site could make a difference in my life. (maybe I ask too much :slight_smile: ? )

Thanks Scott for your support !