good afternoon I wonder why I can't comment

I can’t comment on why don’t you come to the comments box I’m trying to contact an author of theme but that message box to ask the author does not appear to me

Can you please let me know on what item you’re having this issue? I’ll see if anyone from staff can reply.

It’s also possible your item commenting privileges were removed for conduct against our terms of service.

I got it so I buy a theme full of bugs and complain with the author that doesn’t help me and on top of that I am blocked from asking questions to the authors of themes and plugins that I bought

very fair that

If you’d like to bring this issue up with Envato Support you are more than welcome to do so. Currently, what Travis has said is the only answer we can give you publicly. The full details of the situation must be discussed with Envato Support. Cheers! :slight_smile: