Golf Theme. Is it possible to do that with Wordpress?

Hey everyone! Might be a dummy question(s), but I’ll try! :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. I am probably going to make a Golf Club website and I was wondering if you could suggest any Wordpress Theme first of all. I know some such Brentwood and Uplands. Any preferences?

  2. Second: is it possible to display each hole of the golf course on the same page, just by clicking on the number of the hole itself? An example is here, if you scroll down a bit:

Hope my questions were not too off-topic, but I am just looking for nice suggestions!

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  1. You seem to have found two of the main ones but there are others
  1. yes, there’s lots of ways to do this. Your example is just tabbed content but you could do it like that, with hotspots or maybe a slider

Hi @charlie4282! :slight_smile: thanks for your answer!

  1. Yes, I just mentioned two of them as I guess they are probably among the most popular ones? If you know better options I’d love to hear your thoughts though!

  2. That’s great. So I could simply do that from the theme itself (I noticed that some of them have Elementor included already), without customizing anything with some Custom CSS or snippet?



Hey @mgscoder :slight_smile: Sure, I will definitely contact them if needed. I just wanted to get some extra feedbacks first from someone else. I haven’t purchased anything yet. But thanks for the hint anyway!



I - I’m not familiar with this category but something like Elementor would make life easier and a “golf one” is likely to have more specific features

The holes will depend on what info you want to include and if there’s a map etc. Personally o think hotspots would look good but again it depends on what content tot have to work with

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Ok thanks I’ll keep your tips in mind and will find out a way to do that :slight_smile: Have a nice day!

Use slider revolution and you can do a lot more with those golf course layouts. May be you don’t need that old tabular layout at all. show all info of holes by clicking/hover on hole itself. Like an infographic. Good luck.

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Hey @nimm3 thanks for your feedback!

I’ll give it a try and see which one works better then :smiley:

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I looked, and the “holes” are simply using tabs. You could easily build something similar with any of the popular multi-purpose themes - in fact, the site you linked to is just using Avada.

I think your best option is to choose a theme based on the page builder you’re comfortable with. For example, if you’ve used Avada and the fusion builder before, it should work fine for your project. If you like WPBakery (formerly Visual Composer) then our Total theme is a great option. Or if you use Elementor, you might prefer Jupiter.

Hi @WPExplorer thank you so much for all the suggestions!! :slight_smile: I am quite confident with Divi actually. That’s the theme I use the most, but I am always open to other options of course. Any particular tip about it maybe?

If you’re building a golf site, why not start with some of Divi’s ready made templates? It looks like they have a whole golf course set that’s pretty nice.

For the course section you want - the Divi builder has a tabs module that supports media so you should be able to insert images into your tabs for each hole. The only thing I don’t know for sure is if you can add columns within the tabs like the Olgiata site, but I think this would be possible. Then you’d just need to equalize the tab headings (here’s a guide I found but I haven’t tested this myself).