Go work for another sale platform

Yesterday I submitted a template for review that could not be rejected. The template is very unique and with a great design. But surprisingly, the reviewers from envato rejected it without explanation. At the same time, I sent this work to another sales platform.
Surprisingly, another platform accepted my work.
Based on this, I advise all authors: do not to waste their valuable time on envato and switch to a more adequately working platform that need’s good web developers and designers.
You may be asking what platform I switched to.
I think you have an answer to this question.

Assalomu alaykum,

Mahsulotizi linkini tashenchi ko’ramiz :sunglasses:

Everybody ask me: is this a templatemonster?
No it’s not Templatemonster.
Templatemonster they reject your job and after a year they put your work for sale under another random username. And they steal your work.
I didn’t mean templatemonster.

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